Plain of Six Glaciers

When you look out across Lake Louise from the tourist-packed shoreline near the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, it looks like the mountain and glacier at the far end of the lake aren't that far away

so you follow the lakeshore trail, and at the 2 km mark, you reach the southwest end of the lake.

Hmm, not what one might expect...

Very nice, but you've heard of great things beyond the lake's edge so you continue the gradual ascent up the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail.

As you continue the trek, your waitress passes you as she rushes to get to work on time.

Your surroundings are getting better and better so you keep on going...

ignoring the temptations of the tasty treats at the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse, you keep on going and reach the end to take it all in while listening to the occasional crackling sounds of the breaking ice and sliding rocks.

On your way back, you take one last look of your surroundings.

and watch one last mini avalanche.

Giving in to your thirst and curiosity, you check out the tea house despite it being the touristy thing to do.

And read the story on the menu..

Reading the menu is making you hungry so you splurge on the fresh apple pie to go with your raspberryade, and enjoy the experience of dining on your homemade dessert on the balcony of a quaint, historical tea house in the Rocky Mountains.

After thoroughly enjoying your light lunch, you take in the view yet again because it is just so spectacular

and finally start heading back...

because there are still many more trails to hike around Lake Louise.

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