Vancouver - Victoria Ferry

Before I could start my train trip through the Canadian Rockies, I had to get to the mainland.

Other than grabbing a hold of some driftwood or swimming across the strait, the most economical way to get between Vancouver and Victoria is by ferry.

But the ferry doesn't really take you from Vancouver to Victoria since the ferry terminal on the mainland (Vancouver) side is located in Tsawwassen while the Vancouver Island terminal is at Swartz Bay. This isn't a major inconvenience if you're travelling by car but if you're on foot or bicycle, you'll have to account for the travel time from downtown to the ferry terminal. While not ideal, public transit is available on both sides to assist you with your travels. 

The poster below summarizes the available ground transportation options from the Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay terminals:

From the above options, BC Transit is the cheapest route but it's also the slowest, especially to get to Victoria, unless you're lucky enough to get on an express bus, but even then, there's still the time it takes for everyone to board the bus. Ideally, BC Ferries would offer passengers the option to pre-pay public transit fares which would help speed up the bus-boarding process. 

The ultimate solution would be a downtown to downtown ferry service but until that happens, these options are available to make your trip a bit more bearable if air transportation isn't in your budget.  

Enjoy your mini-cruise!

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