More Hikes around Lake Louise

After grabbing a bite to eat at the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, it was time to get back to business and start the hike up to Lake Agnes.

As you can see in the retro Lake Louise trail map, there are several hiking trails in the Lake Agnes area.

It was a spectacular, sunny day so why not enjoy it by hiking all afternoon long?!?

After viewing the mountains from this morning at a higher viewpoint,

it was time to hit the woods, where I crossed paths with this curious ptarmigan,

before hitting the Big Beehive, which provided an amazing views of Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, and the surrounding area.

Then it was time to head down the still fairly snowy switchbacks to Lake Agnes.

After making my way down, the trail headed towards the far side of the lake but not before crossing this snowy incline.

On the other side of the lake, you can see the switchbacks you just encountered...

At which point, you pat yourself on the back for your smart decision of taking this route today and avoiding the uphill battle with the eroded, snowy trail.

At the ever so popular Lake Agnes Tea House, 

the menu was reviewed,

and the decision was made to avoid the tourist masses, and just enjoy the view of Lake Agnes

before heading back up the trail to Little Beehive, where you get yet another great view of Lake Louise

and the entire Lake Louise valley...

After reaching the end of the Plain of Six Glaciers, climbing Big Beehive, descending to Lake Agnes, and ascending to Little Beehive, it was time to grab a real meal back in town so down I went to Mirror Lake and finally back to Lake Louise, where it all started.

What a great hike!

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  1. Hi mike can u pls tell me little beehive hike is it after lake agnes or before.. can u tell me how to get to the spectacular view from little beehive that u went.. i am hiking from lake louise...thanks


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