Orca Photo Shoot

My photography skills were very much humbled during my latest experience with nature.

When you go on a whale watching trip, you dream of capturing that perfect shot but let's be realistic. The chances of that happening are slim, especially when you aren't familiar with the behaviour of wild whales. So best to leave the photography to the experts and just enjoy the show being performed before your very own eyes.

Easier said than done!
Especially for someone like me who enjoys takes tonnes of photographs.
Yes, I admit that what I don't get in quality, I compensate for with quantity.

Yes, it was a struggle turning the camera off after numerous failed attempts of capturing these magnificent beasts coming up for air but I eventually did and enjoyed every minute of my brilliantly sunny afternoon off the coast of San Juan Island .

But I did manage to get at least one somewhat decent shot of a killer whale...

but at least I didn't miss the orca breaching in the distance or the one that swam right under our boat.

I'd love to go out on the water and watch them every day so it's no surprise that I can't wait to do it again!

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