Turkeys, Porcupines, and Deer

A visit back home wouldn't be complete without at least one walk in the local forests I grew up enjoying year round.

Yesterday's walk was particularly rewarding with multiple sightings of wild turkeys, porcupines, and white-tailed deer.

With more snow falling tonight, the rest of my mini-holiday looks promising.

A Manifesto Worth Living

The Holstee Manifesto is one I'll be following...

It's so true.

Some opportunities only come once, seize them.  No matter what.

Stop over analyzing.

Accept that you can't control absolutely everything.

Let past mistakes go.

Live life with no more regrets.

Saying Goodbye to Bedbugs?

Is it possible that bedbugs could soon be a pest of the past?

A new disinfection technique trademarked with the name "AsepticSure" has recently demonstrated "resounding effectiveness against bedbugs" in addition to sustained >6 log (99.9999%) microbial kill rates against a vast range of pathogens deadly to humans.

According to TreeHugger, "the technology relies on very basic principles, disrupting bacterial cells with a potent combination of a proprietary ozone mixed with hydrogen peroxide vapors. Because the technology utilizes vapor-gas phase chemistry, it is more effective than chemicals applied by wiping down surfaces, getting at bugs in cracks and crevices unreached by the wipe down."

With its potential in the hospital and travel industries, Medizone International's AsepticSure is one promising technology worth keeping an eye on.

Poseidon's Playground

I kept the best for last. While other gingerbread creations like the Monastery Brewery intrigued me, there was little doubt in my mind that Poseidon's Playground is worthy of the top prize at the 2011 Gingerbread Showcase at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria for its exquisite detail and impressive display.



Did I ever mention that I like turtles?

 Spectacular work Melanie Lonsdale!
Well done.

Monastery Brewery

At the very end of the Gingerbread Showcase, at the darker end of the hallway, you'll fittingly find the Monastery Brewery...

I really liked this masterpiece for so many reasons so it was a toss up between this one and the creation I'll be presenting tomorrow.

The Beehive

From this side, it doesn't look like very much...

but then you walk around to find...

Where's Waldo?

As we continue our daily look at the 2011 Gingerbread Showcase, we will take a look today at the overflowing chest box full of toys from our childhoods...

Can you find Waldo?

But where's Optimus Prime?

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