Canyon Zip Lining at Chutes Coulonge

Harness: Check.
Helmet: Check.
Empty Bowel: Check.

Time to head to the Colounge Canyon where you'll find the 250 meter (820 ft.) zip line. There's no time to think, let alone turn around. It's time to get down to business. Hang on tight and jump.

Wow, that was fun! Time to cross a cable footbridge back to this side of the canyon for the next part of our adventurous journey. The via ferrata (Italian for "road of iron) is quite literally an iron trail along the prehistoric rock face of the canyon.

The Via Ferrata runs 500 metres up the gorge towards the waterfall

  but not before another short zip line.

You walk around the corner to find a 46 meter cable tightrope over the chasm. Oh yeah!

And then it's time to ascend the steepest and sheerest section of rock wall

where you get a spectacular view of the waterfall

But there's still one more zip line to tackle and this time you get a running start! This one crosses high above the canyon and is 100 meters long by 35 meters high. Simply amazing!

Ziplining and via ferrata'ing at Chutes Colounge was a lot of fun and I didn't soil my pants!

West Coast Soundtracks

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just unknowingly playing a part in a movie with the cliché scenes with sudden downpours, a music soundtrack and all....

Here's the latest case in point on my recent trip to the West Coast as I'm about to start a new chapter in my life:

As the plane enters Vancouver air space, the movie I was watching comes to an end and I switch to a random album on the on-board entertainment system, and the song Let Go from the previously unknown The Japanese Popstars starts playing as we're cruising into YVR...

And then, here's the song that was constantly playing on the various radio stations while I was driving throughout Victoria...

But like Becca said to Hank in Californication, "I think it's all going to be ok. Chapters end. Sometimes you gotta shake things up." Let's hope the same can be said for me.

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