Travelling Dream List

Every once in a while someone asks me, "Mike, where are you going next?"

And my answer is quite simply, "I don't know."

The reason I say this is that with some many interesting and different things to experience in our world, it's hard to choose just one, especially when you want to take on all of it. Then, of course, circumstances change all the time, from political unrest to natural disasters, let alone new opportunities. So for those reasons and for many others, it's hard to say with any certainty where in the world I'll land next but to help narrow things down a bit, here's a short list of some international trips I dream about, in no particular order...

The Alps
Watching the snow melt and the wildflowers bloom while hiking hut-to-hut in the Swiss Alps in the spring.

The Serengeti
Hot air ballooning and horseback riding through Africa to witness the Great Migration. 

The Great Barrier Reef
My swimming skills might need to improve beforehand but scuba diving amongst all the coral would be amazing.  Let's hope this natural wonder never gets destroyed by our activities.

New Zealand
Need I say more?
Judging from the footage only, I might just never leave NZ if I ever visit.

From watching the aurora borealis from inside your glass igloo at Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland to enjoying the hot springs and the many other dramatic geological features of Iceland, at least two trips are in order here - one in the summer and the other during the winter.

Great beaches, exotic jungles, and cheap.  A backpacker's dream.  At least, that's what I've heard. I have to find out for myself. I definitely plan on going to Southeast Asia as soon as there's more stability in Thailand.

Having had a taste of South America earlier this year, I'm thirsty for more. Chile and Argentina are next on the list.

Chillin' with the penguins. What would be cooler than that!

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