The Cabot Trail Moose

Considering it has been close to six months since my visit to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, I won't try remembering any specific details about Cape Breton Highlands National Park or the Cabot Trail.  Instead, I will present to you some of the amazing scenery you can find along this magnificent stretch of road.  It is no wonder that it is consistently ranks as one of the nicest drives in North America.

The photos don't do it justice but here's my attempt...
And so it begins...
Just a little warning of the dangers lying just off the hiking trail.
The sign points me in the right direction.

That's a nice spot for a house.
Yet another ignored warning sign...
though I must admit some waves were a bit rogue
despite the relatively calm conditions.
Where freshwater meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Yes, that's snow in May! 
Some snowdrifts were higher than me (and I'm taller than the car).

Based on the moose droppings seen everywhere along the hiking trails, there had to be a tonne of moose nearby. After not seeing even one of these Canadian icons all day long, they came out of the forest in droves as dusk approached.
These two just stood on the road until the trucker behind me had enough.

And again, the next morning...
Moose don't look that big until you're right next to them!
Unfortunately, I couldn't stay on Cape Breton Island any longer as I had to head back to Halifax to catch my flight but nevertheless my brief journey out East provided a great sampling of the splendours of Nova Scotia.  I'll definitely be going back for more!

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