Out and About in Cusco

May 21, 2010 (Day 3) 

Morning greets us with the sound of apparent gun shots and fire crackers. Or are they cannons? These types of sounds were also heard throughout the night and freaked us out at first and were quickly becoming annoying as they also sparked the countless street dogs around town to start howling making us concerned about their well-being and our safety. After asking the hostel staff, we were assured that these sounds were nothing to worry about as they were produced by people celebrating the saints...  Ummm, that's a weird way to celebrate the saints and quite frankly, we didn't necessarily buy into this explanation.
After taking part in our Amazon trip's briefing session, we walked around Cusco and took in its atmosphere and cuisine in and around Plaza de Armas
and took it is easy as we got ready for the next six days of our trip....

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