The Pest in Budapest

Just as in Buda, Pest has its fair share of buildings in ruins but I must say that there appears to be a concrete effort in restoring some of them to their former glory.  Case in point,  is this church near the shores of the Danube.
As you can see, the exterior could use a little bit of tendering love...
but don't worry, there's A guy working on it
and he's doing a good job!
There were also numerous newly restored buildings available for lease on top of the "h  andyman specials" on sale.  Hopefully, the economic downturn hasn't curtailed too much of the investment in restoring historical past.

But enough about that, a visit to Pest wouldn't be complete without a walk around the Hungarian Parliament Buildings 
or St. Stephen's Basilica, which plays a prominent role in Pest's skyline. 
Here's a video of what you'll see inside...
and if you climb up the staircase,
and walk your way past the wine cafe and up some more stairs,
you'll have a great view of Budapest.

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