The Danube at Budapest

From what I could gather, Budapest's major attractions are primarily located on the shores of the Danube River and from a distance, the Danube definitely adds to the city's popular appeal
but upon closer inspection, one quickly discovers that the Danube might not be the cleaniest of rivers...
That being said, these waters have already travelled quite a bit through Europe so this wasn't a major surprise. But what grabbed my attention, was the stench that whiffed through the air at certain points along and above the river, particularly near the spot shown in the photos below.  
Now, I'm hoping that is a small natural tributary but it looked and smelled more like raw sewage.  Aghhh, the smell was horrendous!  Luckily, I had very little to eat that day because I was very close to throwing up on several occasions.  Nevertheless, it seems to be a popular fishing spot!
I don't know how they do it nor can I believe that the nearby river cruise ships (and their guests) tolerate such odours.

Since this is a blog after all, I'll just step onto my tiny soapbox and say that I was deeply disappointed in the state of the Danube River and its apparent disregard by its stakeholders, especially consider the great economic benefits the river provides  Although easier said than done, considerable efforts should be made to clean up the river, its shoreline, and watershed as this gem of a river deserves better.

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