The Belvedere

Day 3 in Vienna begins with another trip on the subway...
but perhaps I got off at the wrong stop...
Definitely not the Vienna I've been used to the past few days but nevertheless, I stick with my sense of direction and head upstairs towards the sunlight and catch the tram to The Belvedere as planned.

The Belvedere is a palace split into two residences (the Upper and Lower Belvedere) separated by a magnificently manicured lawn.

This was the first attraction that restricted the use of photographic equipment in the vast majority of the interior but Mike was able to sneak a few snaps to capture the atmosphere of the Upper Belvedere...

Both former royal residences are now galleries housing an impressive art collection including the world's largest collection of Gustav Klimt collection.  The Lower Belvedere houses a number of staterooms each of which is distinctively decorated including The Golden Room, so exuberantly golden in colour that Donald Trump would be envious.  

Between the impressive architectural design, carefully manicured lawn, intriguing artwork, and relaxing garden, The Belvedere did not disappoint.

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