Saying Goodbye to Bedbugs?

Is it possible that bedbugs could soon be a pest of the past?

A new disinfection technique trademarked with the name "AsepticSure" has recently demonstrated "resounding effectiveness against bedbugs" in addition to sustained >6 log (99.9999%) microbial kill rates against a vast range of pathogens deadly to humans.

According to TreeHugger, "the technology relies on very basic principles, disrupting bacterial cells with a potent combination of a proprietary ozone mixed with hydrogen peroxide vapors. Because the technology utilizes vapor-gas phase chemistry, it is more effective than chemicals applied by wiping down surfaces, getting at bugs in cracks and crevices unreached by the wipe down."

With its potential in the hospital and travel industries, Medizone International's AsepticSure is one promising technology worth keeping an eye on.

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